Battlefield 3 'Armored Kill' DLC release dates confirmed

Xbox 360, PC and non-Premium subs get their relevant dates

Thanks to platform exclusivity and the introduction of premium paid services in modern gaming, even something as simple as getting a release date has become a bamboozling annoyance.


So, Battlefield 3's 'Armored Kill' DLC then. The dates have been set. Get a pen and paper.

We already had the date of September 4, which is for 'Premium Members' on PS3. On September 11 Premium Members on PC and Xbox 360 will get their turn.

On September 18 regular PS3 players will be let in on the fun, and finally regular Xbox and PC players will get theirs on September 25. Sigh...

Armored Kill is all about vehicular warfare, with new drivable tanks, ATVs and mobile artillery, plus "huge battlefields" including the biggest map in Battlefield history, and a new all-tank mode called 'Tank Superiority'.