Square interacts with next-gen Luminous engine in new demo

See the impressive tech demo from new angles and changeable effects

Square Enix had the most visually impressive next-gen demo at E3 in the form of the Luminous engine showcase, but it lost points for being non-interactive. Well Square's changed that.


The publisher took a new version of the next-generation demo to a computer graphics event in Japan recently, and this time it was interactive.

The two short videos below (via 4Gamers, Siliconera) show snippets of the 'Agni's Philosophy' video shown at E3 as Square pauses the action and moves the camera around - wiping out any doubt you may have had that this is properly real-time.

They also make changes on the fly to particle effects and other elements such as hair texture and such.

Below are the videos, and through here is the original Luminous Engine video released at E3.

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