Gearbox has 'a few next gen things going on right now'

"More power is always better," says Randy Pitchford

Gearbox is currently working on a number of ideas for Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4, or whatever Microsoft's and Sony's next gen consoles will be called.


Randy Pitchford, president of the Borderlands and Aliens: Colonial Marines studio, told Gamasutra: "We've got a few things going on right now that we haven't talked about but that'll appear later.

"I'm always excited by movement forward. Some of that comes from iteration with our software, and some of it comes from iteration with hardware, and some of it comes from invention... each new step kind of gives us new tools and new capabilities that always makes the entertainment better, if we use it right."

He added of new consoles: "More power is always better. There's always things we can do that we cannot do today that we can do with more power. So, that's always true."

Oskari Hakkinen, head of franchise development at Remedy, said last week that the Alan Wake studio has a relatively small team working on a next gen project, and that "the new consoles" represent "a quantum leap" over existing hardware.

We recently analysed five key features expected to shape and define the next console cycle: Next gen consoles: Five quantum leap features to expect.

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