Golden Joysticks 2012: The nominees for Best Shooter...

Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3... or A. N. Other 3?

The HMV sponsored GamesMaster Golden Joystick Awards have arrived, and you're all invited to vote and win prizes here! Each week we'll be casting a beady eye over different categories, taking you through the prime contenders before leaving you savvy lot to duke it out in the comments section. This time around, we're talking shooters.

Boom! Arguably the most bombastic category of 'em all, Ultimate Game of the Year notwithstanding. EA and Acti's grudge match enters its final round as Battlefield 3 meets Modern Warfare 3. Will you opt to settle the fight for them, or lavish your vote on one of the other (many) oh-so-deserving candidates?

As per, our GJ editorial team has gotten together for a round-table chat about the various candidates, which you can kindly check out below. Then, it's onto the games themselves - analysed one-by-one...

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Binary Domain

Seriously underrated squad shooter that combines Western cover mechanics with Terminator-style enemies that keep on coming even when you've blown their faces and legs off! Vote here!

Halo: Anniversary

Okay, so it's a HD remake - but what a remake. That Master Chief's long awaited return to action could still kick epic arse in 2011 was testament to the majestic original. Vote here!

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