Future Publishing closes Nintendo Gamer magazine

Company 'draws the curtain on 20 years of independent Nintendo mags'

Future Publishing has printed the final issue of its independent Nintendo Gamer magazine. The brand will now exist solely in an online capacity.


In a farewell note in the magazine's final issue, editor Nick Ellis said the move "draws the curtain on 20 years of independent Nintendo mags from Future Publishing".

Future's run of independent Nintendo publications began in 1992 with Super-Play, before evolving the brands into N64 Magazine, then NGC and NGamer.

The closure of Nintendo Gamer has not affected the publication's website. Print staff have been deployed to other positions within Future, the company added.

In a statement issued to CVG, Nintendo Gamer publisher Lee Nutter said:

"After careful consideration we've taken the decision to close Nintendo Gamer magazine. However, with Future's ongoing strategy to drive digital growth across its international, digitally-focussed brand business, the website, will continue as excitement builds ahead of Nintendo's Wii U launch."

The magazine's final issue comes with a 22-page feature on Nintendo Gamer's history of front covers. Comments and insight from previous editors, such as Tim Weaver and Jes Bickham, are also included.

In addition, Wil Overton, the artist famous for his unique Super Play illustrations, has produced a special edition commemorative cover.

"We've tried to give Nintendo Gamer a fitting send-off and this issue is dedicated to all of our loyal readers from over the years. We hope they enjoy it," said Ellis.

Full disclosure: Future Publishing owns CVG