Far Cry 3: Our thirty minute safari with Ubisoft's free-form shooter

CVG cleans up on isle three

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The whole hang-glider thing was fun, but we decided a more, ahem, reserved approach was needed for an operation as delicate as this. So we filled our extra weapon slot (thanks, shark!) with a bow-and-arrow and made our way back to the hideout in double-quick time.

The Far Cry series has always had an undercurrent of stealth and this is reflected in the design of the hideouts. the one we attempted to storm was one of the easiest in the game - consisting of only a few huts - but those huts were carefully arranged to give plenty of opportunity to sneak and stalk.


We took out some of the guards on the periphery of the hideout with silent takedowns, and used our bow and arrow to take out some of the other targets at range. With the clock ticking though, it was only a matter of time before our haste got the better of us, and we were soon busted. Time to go loud.

Once the hideout is alerted to your threat, the attention turns to the hideout's comms pole - your number one priority (bar staying alive of course) is to prevent your enemies reaching it and calling for back-up, otherwise your task will be made that much more difficult. By the time we cleared the place out, we had but six minutes left on the clock.

We soon wished we'd taken the dev's advice and raided the hideout sooner, as without the leader, the enemy troops are forced to abandon the area and we were able to go about our daily business without getting shot at every six seconds.


By this point our time in Far Cry 3's world was coming to an end, but we had just enough time left in reserve to take on a side-mission. We journeyed south to find the whereabouts of two travellers who had gone missing while exploring a cave, and happened upon two corpses and two very satisfied looking bears.

Despite being fat with tourist, the bears were still fast enough to give us a major headache, especially since we were forced to duel inside a stuffy cave with little room to manoeuvre. Eventually we managed to kill them off, bringing down the curtain on our thirty-minute safari on a celebratory note.


As you can see, we managed to cram a lot of sights and experiences into our half-hour hands-on session, but we left the booth feeling like we'd only scratched the surface of what Far Cry 3 has to offer.

Even so, in that time we managed to get a tattoo, skin a shark, murderise two bears, commit vehicular homicide with a stolen jeep and drown. If our remit was to get a snapshot of the various sights and activities that make up Far Cry 3, then we say we couldn't have used our time better.

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