Insomniac reveals 'Fuse', the new name for 'Overstrike'

Resistance developer re-works its 2011-revealed sci-fi shooter

Insomniac co-founder Ted Price use PAX to reveal the studio's new shooter, 'Fuse'.


Info was scarce, but although it went unmentioned, Game Informer reports that Fuse is a reworking of Insomniac's previously announced 'Overstrike' shooter, first revealed in 2011.

Overstrike skipped E3 2012, with EA Labels president Frank Gibeau telling CVG it was holding off to take "some extra time to nail the gameplay and the quality".

Only a single new image of Fuse was revealed (pictured), and a teaser site features only a countdown - presumably to a more revealing announcement - concluding in 11 days, but you can check out trailers for Overstrike here and here to get a better idea of what Insomniac's cooking up.

"Combining Insomniac's knack for imaginative weaponry with immersive and witty storytelling, Overstrike is a four-player cooperative action game featuring a team of elite agents called Overstrike 9," said Insomniac in the Overstrike unveiling.