Dishonored: What if Agent 47 fell into a fantastical Half-Life universe?

Hands-on with the most amazing new IP of the year...

Our mission is simple: to move from filthy streets up through a guarded distillery and onto a rooftop garden where a man named Sokolov is happily going about his daily business. There we need to knock him out (sleep dart or sleeper hold, the choice is ours), sling him over our shoulder and make our way to an extraction point by the river.


Method one for our first-person kidnapping adventure: stealth. We start by using our Blink teleportation power to hop over some rooftops and bypass a group of patrolling guards. When we find a group of prisoners trapped behind a Wall of Light (a killer energy field that instantly vaporises anyone who passes through without clearance) we smash the power cell and let them loose.

The fleeing citizens soon draw the guards away from their posts and we hop up through a window above the main distillery door. Next we jump over some walls to avoid the various traps and people who'd otherwise trip up our silent run. Some well-timed sneaking behind people's backs (the ability to stop time comes in tremendously handy here) takes us through the corridors and up the final flight of stairs to our target.
Once he's subdued and hoisted over our shoulders we Blink back down to the streets via rooftops and make our getaway without raising an alarm. Simple.

Method two: possession. We jump into the body of a rat and sneak past the guards. Then it's into the mind of a fish (through which we swim into the distillery from the river) followed by a cunning leap into the skin of a maid. Her clearance lets us simply walk through the killer Wall of Light. Finally, we become a guard and mosey on up to Sokolov without arousing suspicion. Knock him out, Blink to safety et voila! Success!

Hit And Run

Method three: violence. With a bloody cocktail of pistol, sword, razor-wire grenades and crossbow bolts we carve up each and every person in our way and waltz to our target like Rambo himself.

Method four: sabotage. A few Windblast 'Force pushes' knocks some troublesome guards over balconies and into the river, but we spend most of our time laying down traps and rewiring alarms and the Wall of Light so that it registers us as a friendly and all guards and maids as hostile. Cue evil cackles as we walk to Sokolov and see everyone vaporised in our trail.

Method five: parkour. Some double jumps followed by judicious use of Blink teleports bypasses
the distillery entirely and sees us reach Sokolov in under 20 seconds without so much as seeing another person.


Phew. Get all that? There's barely any space for methods six-through-eleven, let alone the side missions (finding notes on dead bodies that point towards hidden treasure troves, for instance). And all these choices cover barely one third of a single level - come the finished game it'll be possible to spend hours in every chapter and still not discover all there is to see and do. Talk about replayability value...