Kevin Butler revealed as Vice President of Treachery

Sony's Kevin Butler is a man of many titles: Chief Weaponologist, Director of Rumor Confirmation, Boombassador of Deals, and VP of Shaking What His Mother Gave Him, to name a few. Now the fictional face of PlayStation marketing has a new one to add to his collection: VP of Jumping Ship.


Butler, who has been noticeably absent from PlayStation marketing of late, was recently spotted shilling for Bridgestone in an advert that aired on VH1. Intrepid NeoGAF users managed to capture his betrayal on camera.

In the image Butler can be seen - brace yourselves - engaged in a session of Mario Kart Wii. Due to the framing of the shot it is unclear whether Butler himself is making actual physical contact with the Wii racing wheel peripheral.

However, he's clearly exhibiting an intense level of excitement in the presence of a Nintendo product. It's almost as if he's never played ModNation Racers.

The worst of it all is that Sony's LittleBigPlanet Karting is mere months away from release, and a Kevin Butler Sackboy Costume complete with Executive Golf Kart is featured in the game. Utterly disgraceful...

What? What do you mean he's just an actor?