The 5 best Martial Arts Games

High kicking, martial arts action from our essential selection

The recent success of Sleeping Dogs provoked a lot of debate in the CVG office and had us nostalgically leafing back through our gaming library to select some of the top martial arts games from times past.

Surprisingly, it's actually a fairly narrow field, but these are the top five we felt deserved an honourable mention on our martial arts roll of honour - and we present them here in strictly alphabetical order.

Feel free to share your memories of these high kicking classics in the comments below and of course nominate your own martial arts champs.

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Bruce Lee
It's back to the glory days of the Atari 8 Bit era for classic platforming martial arts action, and who better to kick things off than the acknowledged Jeet Kune Do master himself Bruce Lee?

First developed in 1983 by Ron J. Fortier, Bruce Lee the game featured a mix of platforming and fighting. Set over 20 levels Bruce battled to discover the secret of immortality and collected lanterns among the environmentally hazardous levels on the way.

Facing off against Bruce were three constant enemies, the black suited sword-wielding Ninja and the green-skinned sumo wrestler Yamo, and the ultimate evil of the Fire Wizard. Bruce Lee played like a kind of beat 'em-up style Pacman and featured, to our youthful eyes, great fighting moves and animation.

Our very own Computer and Video Games magazine awarded it a commendable 35/40 on release and subsequent ports to the Commodore 64 and Spectrum meant the legend survived undimmed. Bruce Lee was also something of a hit, having been said to have sold over a million copies.

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