The 5 best Martial Arts Games

High kicking, martial arts action from our essential selection

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Sleeping Dogs
This summer's unheralded smash began life as Black Lotus, then migrated to become True Crime: Hong Kong before being prematurely canned by Activision. However Square-Enix stepped in to revive the game, gave it a new Sleeping Dogs moniker and in doing so, unearthed a real gem.

Mixing classic open world mechanics with a real focus on storyline and characters and mixing it up with compelling Hong Kong cinema influences like Infernal Affairs made Sleeping one of the best open world games of recent years, as we said in our Sleeping Dogs review.

However it's Sleeping Dogs splendidly realised combat system that really earns its place in our pantheon of martial arts greats. Players slowly accumulate advanced moves by retrieving Jade statues for martial arts master. With each statue a brand new move to unleash on unsuspecting enemies is unlocked.

Despite its easy to learn controls, Sleeping Dogs combat provides real depth and this, combined with some of the most brutal environmental finishing moves in the business, made this the hottest martial artist of this year.

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