ICO, God of War Remote Play goes live for PS Vita

Patch now available for PS3 and Vita owners

The God of War and ICO/Shadow of the Colossus Collections are now available via PS Vita's Remote Play feature, Sony's confirmed.


Remote Play allows Vita owners to interact remotely with PS3 consoles via Wi-Fi and play a selection of compatible games.

To access the Remote Play functionality for both God of War Collection and ICO and Shadow Of The Colossus Collection, PS3 owners will need to download a free patch.

"Both of the above collections have an intuitive new control system where you can choose to have the R2 and L2 buttons mapped to the rear touch pad," the PlayStation Blog explains.

"And these two titles look fantastic on the 5" OLED screen of your PS Vita and offer some of the very best gaming on PlayStation."