Borderlands 2 review - First score is huge 95%

"Borderlands 2 is the antidote to stuffy military shooters"

The first Borderlands 2 review has arrived in the public domain, and it's a big 95% score from the latest issue of GamesMaster.


"Bigger. Ballsier. Bullet-ier. Borderlands 2 is the antidote to stuffy military shooters," states the review, which saves most praise for the "massively improved" weapons, impressive visuals (according to GM it's "the prettiest game of 2012") and more varied missions of the Gearbox follow-up.

It also says the shooter "soars" in four-player co-op, claiming that "once experienced, going back to being on your lonesome isn't quite as fun."

Publisher Take-Two has confirmed a Borderlands 2 release date of September 18 in the US, with the game set to launch internationally three days later.

GamesMaster 256, which also includes an exclusive FIFA 13 review, is with subscribers now. Those interested can buy it online now.