F1 2012 demo live on Xbox 360

Try out two of the racer's new features

Codemasters has released a F1 2012 demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Get it here.


According to Codies the demo will allow players to try out two of the game's new features: "the first day of the Young Driver Test and the first race of Season Challenge at Monza".

It also previously clarified that the game's toughest AI difficulty doesn't feature in the demo as it's only present in the Career and Quick Race modes available in the main game.

The demo is also expected to be available on PS3 and PC later this week, take a look at the release schedule below.

Demo release dates:

  • Xbox 360 - 10/09/12
  • PS3 - (USA) 11/09/12
  • PC via Steam - 11/09/12
  • PS3 - (EU) 12/09/12
  • PS3 - (Japan) 24/09/12

Codemasters has confirmed a F1 2012 release date of September 21 in the UK on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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