Medal of Honor Warfighter DLC: First screens, trailer

Zero Dark Thirty to offer two new multiplayer maps this December

EA has released the first screenshots for Medal of Honor: Warfighter's Zero Dark Thirty map pack.

Revealed earlier today, the DLC is the product of a Medal of Honor tie-in with Sony Pictures Entertainment's Zero Dark Thirty, a Hollywood movie based on the real-life special forces mission to capture or kill Osama bin Laden.

Below are the screens and official descriptions of the two maps, which will be available in December for £7.99/$9.99, or free to owners of the Limited Edition version of the shooter. There's also a trailer, but it doesn't feature any gameplay:


Darra Gun Market

  • Darra, the largest illegal arms market in the world, is a tribal land based on two principles - hospitality and revenge. No police are allowed to enter the area and the laws are made by the tribal leader.

Chitral Compound

  • Chitral, which sits in the far north of Pakistan, bounded by Afghanistan to the west and China to the north. It is a remote, rugged area governed by tribes that will not allow even the Pakistani army to operate there. This stunning multiplayer map features a sprawling compound that sits high above the Kunar River in the shadows of the Hindu Kush mountains.
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