Video: NintendoLand's Balloon Fight spin-off - First look

Release details likely to be revealed this week

Wii U party game NintendoLand is set to include an attraction based on 1986 NES title Balloon Fight. See the first footage below.


Game Informer explains: "With a graphical style similar to Kirby's Epic Yarn, Balloon Trip Breeze has players swiping the stylus on the GamePad to keep the balloon-strapped Mii aloft and dodging obstacles.

"While Balloon Trip Breeze is a single-player experience, Nintendo has yet to reveal whether Nintendo Land also contains a Balloon Fight-inspired multiplayer game."

NintendoLand also includes mini-games based on Zelda, Donkey Kong and Animal Crossing, to name a few. Hit the link for more NintendoLand details.

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