Windows 8 gets cloud gaming via Agawi partnership

Promises streamed "high-speed triple-AAA gameplay" on new OS

Cloud gaming firm Agawi has partnered with Microsoft to bring streamed gaming to Windows 8 later this year.


Supported platforms will include not just Windows 8 PCs, but phones and tablets too (although Agawi will only be compatible with x86 architecture - so it will only work on MS' Intel-powered Surface Pro, but not the ARM-powered Surface).

Like other cloud services such as OnLive, Agawi streams gameplay to online-enabled devices including computers, tablets and TVs as simple video. All the heavy processing is done server-side before video is streamed to your device, essentially allowing you to play games without the need for high-end gaming hardware.

The service promises to cater to "social Facebook games as well as mid-core and hardcore titles".

Microsoft VP Walid Abu-Hadba said, "With Windows Azure, Agawi 2.0 enables developers to make high-performance games easily accessible across devices with the high-quality graphics and virtually instant game downloads," (thanks Engadget).

Agawi will go live on Windows 8 when the new operating system launches in October.

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Agawi was formerly known as 'iSwifter' - the name of its app which enables the viewing of Flash-based content on non-Flash devices such as Apple iOS using cloud streaming techniques.