Steam's first approved Greenlight titles includes Black Mesa

10 games confirmed for launch on Steam thanks to user votes

10 games have become the first to be approved for sale on Steam via the community votes of Steam Greenlight.


Among the first games approved is Black Mesa - a Source Engine mod set out to remake the original Half-Life, and a huge project by a team of over 40 voluntary developers.

The full list of 10 games - which will release independently "in the months ahead" - is below:

- Black Mesa
- Cry of Fear
- Dream
- Heroes & Generals
- Kenshi
- McPixel
- No More Room in Hell
- Project Zomboid
- Routine
- Towns

Valve's Anna Sweet said, "The Steam community rallied around these titles and made them the clear choice for the first set of titles to launch out of Greenlight.

"Since launch, hundreds of titles have been submitted, with more coming in every day. We expect to be announcing more titles coming to Steam via Greenlight soon."

Steam Greenlight launched on August 30, allowing users to vote on game projects and concepts posted by indie developers that they would like to see published on Steam.

The service was initially plagued with spam posts containing fake projects and 'jokes', or requests for titles such as the Origin-only Battlefield 3 or 'Half-Life 3'. Valve tackled this by introducing a $100 fee for users who with to post a project.