Listed: the 5 strangest zombie games of all time

Because zombies are weird, and so are some games about them

While we already listed our favourite zombie games earlier in the year, we don't feel like that's enough zombie coverage. It's a truth universally acknowledged that zombies and video games go hand in hand, but what happens when the combination feels not quite right?


The games over the page aren't necessarily the "worst" zombie games, but rather the ones we believe are among the weirdest. As one of the video game industry's primary fallback antagonists, the average zombie has suffered a lot of ill will over the last several decades, and while they may be deserving of our ire (they're inherently aggressive to humankind and they eat flesh) they probably didn't deserve what these games had coming for them.

With that in mind, peruse our short list of the weirdest zombie games of all time, and then tell us what you think we've missed.

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