Rumour: iPhone 5 to be called 'The New iPhone'

Supposedly leaked packaging image also points to a larger screen

Apple is widely expected to show off a new smartphone at an iPhone reveal event this evening, but new images suggest it might not be called what people have been expecting.


The image to the right, published by (via TechCrunch), reportedly shows the packaging for Apple's next gen handset fresh off a massive printing press.

Of note are the five vertical rows of icons featured on the phone, compared to the four on past models, and the wording 'The New iPhone'.

So if this picture is legitimate, Apple's new phone will feature a larger screen, as widely tipped, and ditch the numerical designation used with the last four generations, as Apple did with iPad 3, which is officially called The New iPad.

It's possible the picture is a fake, simply a hoax conducted by someone working at a printing press, but we'll know either way this evening. Check out our iPhone 5 rumour round-up for an idea of what Apple could announce tonight.