'There are way too many cheaters online'

Miscreants ruining the beautiful game

On this week's mailbox we've got an e-mail from Jonathan Elsby, who is having some issues with online gaming due to cheaters.


I'm having real problem's with online multiplayer recently. There are way too many cheaters online now and it's completely ruining any competitive matches.

Having not touched PES since the PS2 days I bought PES 2012. I played a few matches online and it was going well, so thought I'd enter a tournament. The first couple of games ended in draws. Then on my third or fourth game I was winning 3-0 and I was chuffed. Then my opponent kicked off and hoofed it straight to his keeper, turned around, scored an O.G. I thought it was weird, but then he did it again and again. Game over, match abandoned.

Then Konami told me I was getting punished for bad behavior. I was so angry, I'm not planning to play PES in the near future. The game is smart enough to know it was an O.G. - why can't it tell that I'm not to blame when some cry baby can't play fair online.

XBW says: Sounds rough. Konami have promised a much improved online Master League for PES 2013, so don't give up on it.

CVG says Then again, PES 2013 is just weeks away. On the issue of cheating, it stings far more when you're in a one-on-one scenario and, unfortunately, happens far too often. Until Konami actually does something about it the best advice we can offer is to play with friends and submit negative ratings/report abusers.