Nintendo confirms Wii U release date for the US

Release date set for November 18

The Wii U will launch across North America on Sunday November 18, Nintendo has revealed.


The next generation Nintendo console will come in two separate models. The basic version comes packaged with an 8GB flash drive and HDMI cable and cost $299.

A premium edition, comes with a 32GB hard drive, along with additional stands for the games machine and a charging dock for its touchscreen controller. It will cost $349.

Nintendo revealed the details at a special press conference in New York, hours after it held a press conference for its Japan audience.

In Japan, the system will cost 31,500 yen (£252/$405) for a premium model and 26,250 yen (£210/$338) for a basic edition.

A free copy of Nintendo Land will come packaged with the console.

Yesterday CVG spoke to five leading consultants and analysts in the games industry to examine which Wii U price Nintendo can afford to set, and the pressures that will determine the company's decisions.

The consensus between five analysts was that Nintendo must sell the console for less than $299 in the US, and preferably less than $249.

Nintendo of Europe today revealed a Wii U release date of November 30. The Wii U price will be set between £199 and £280 in the UK, according to retail outlets.

The Nintendo Wii U is available for pre-order in the UK through: Game | | ShopTo | Tesco | Amazon