Watch Dead or Alive 5 devs fight each other as Pai Chan, Gen Fu

Tecmo Koei devs show us how it's done

Just ahead of the game's release next week, Tecmo Koei has released two Dead or Alive 5 gameplay videos featuring footage of the game's developers going head-to-head.


DOA5's developers show us how it's done with kung fu man Gen Fu and the recently-confirmed Virtua Fighter guest fighter Pai Chan.

Offering tips for those who need them, Tecmo says: "Gen Fu is even more of a close-range character than he has been in the past. Once you get the hang of his combos, you'll see a huge jump in how strong he can be."

As for Pai, Tecmo adds, "Just like in Virtua Fighter, Pai's quick movement and special moves set her apart from the others. For holds, she's all about frame advantage, so it's important to focus on following up with either her guaranteed combos or other attacks."

It's out on September 25 in US, and September 28 in UK.

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