Hitman Absolution: 'Tools of the Trade' trailer

Guns, coffee cups, plungers - they're all deadly in Agent 47's hands

Square Enix has sent over a new Hitman: Absolution trailer.


Dubbed 'Tools of the Trade', it shows off the "vast and inventive" toolset at Agent 47s disposal, including guns, screwdrivers, a coffee cup and even a plunger.

"Whether you're a perfect assassin, a brutal maniac, or a bit of both, we've got all the tools you need," says the trailer.

Last month developer IO Interactive took the wraps off the series' first multiplayer mode, Hitman: Absolution Contracts. It's an asynchronous game type enabling players to create original kill scenarios for others to complete in the quickest time possible.

Publisher Square Enix has confirmed a Hitman: Absolution release date of November 20.

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