The Sun scorches Wii U with '5 reasons not to buy'

British tabloid The Sun has BLASTED Nintendo's upcoming Wii U console as an outdated, enfeebled and "dramatically over-priced" console.

One year since the national paper had SPUN the industry on its head by claiming that the Nintendo 3DS makes you too "DIZZY" to drive a car or knot a tie, the British institution has now enumerated five reasons why the Wii U is NONESENSE.


Nintendo executives will no doubt feel doubly HACKED-OFF by The Sun article's praise for Apple's iPhone. This is, one presumes, exactly how Gordon Brown felt when the paper switched blue and declared David Cameron would save the country.

So, to all those at Team CVG who have been deluded by their unsubstantiated excitement, to those who foolishly have an interest in the first new home console released in seven years, here are the Sun's reasons to avoid Wii U at all costs.

  • 1) It'll be outdated within a year
  • 2) Vita masquerading as the GamePad
  • 3) The threat to all consoles - mobile gaming
  • 4) DS + Wii = fail?
  • 5) It's dramatically over-priced

  • Now, if like us you were slightly confused by some of these points, don't be. Once again, The Sun has shown it has the nerve to publish THE TRUTH and whenever possible THE REAL TRUTH.

Source: The Sun