Borderlands 2 guide: Ten essential tips for dominating Pandora

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To spot a rare weapon, you need to look out for the colour of its name and the marker that appears over it. This colour represents the rarity of the item on the following sliding scale:

(Least Rare) - White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange - (Most Rare)

Keep an eye out for the colour of weapons, especially when playing in co-op, as when a rare weapon appears everyone will be trying to grab it at once! You can often find better weapons off the beaten track, so when exploring areas be sure to check in side rooms and up on seemingly inaccessible ledges - if you can see a container, there will be a route to get to it.

Once you reach Sanctuary you will gain access to a safe, which can be used to save weapons for later. As there is a trophy/achievement for having purple or better weapons equipped in every slot you should store any you find here if you aren't using them. You will also uncover Claptrap's stash which can be used to exchange items between co-op players.



During the course of the game you will come across many weapons with elemental properties, and the trick to getting the best out of these guns is to use the right type of effect for the enemies you're facing. These are the combinations to aim for:

  • Fire: best used against unshielded flesh, has a chance to cause burning effect that spreads to other enemies
  • Shock: best used to rapidly deplete enemy shields, can also be used to stun enemies
  • Corrosive: best used against armoured enemies, the corrosive effect has a chance to spread to other enemies
  • Slag: new for Borderlands 2, these weapons have a chance to coat enemies in Eridium byproduct 'Slag', which then makes them take much more damage from other weapon types so switch to a different gun to deliver the coup de gras

Ideally you should have at least one of each element weapon in your arsenal, so you're covered for all types of enemies you may face.



As well as improving your character by unlocking perks on their skill trees, you can also get additional stat boosts by completing Badass Challenges. These are found under Badass Rank on the menu and there are almost 90 of them in total, giving you plenty to get on with.

Have a read through the descriptions and try to complete them as you go along as each one awards Badass Rank points, and each level reached unlocks a Badass Token which can be used to give a bonus boost to individual stats.

You can increase each stat multiple times but the improvement will diminish with each boost, going from 1.0% to 1.7%, 2.3%, 2.8% and so on. These may seem small on their own, but get enough of them racked up and they can really give your character an edge.

Also keep an eye out for Class Mods, which can be purchased from certain vending machines. These provide class-specific boosts to stats, though only one can be equipped at a time.

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