Black Ops 2 trailer teases upcoming Zombies reveal

Fan favourite game mode to be expanded in the latest Call of Duty

Activision has released a new video teasing the upcoming reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's Zombies mode.


Earlier today the official Call of Duty Twitter account tweeted a link to the video below, along with the following quote from Edward Richtofen, a Nazi scientist featured prominently in Zombies: "Power, power, power, power! It's always the first priority."

Treyarch has said that the fan favourite Zombies mode will run on Black Ops 2's improved multiplayer engine, allowing for double the players and double the undead.

There'll be fresh game modes too, with a Zombies campaign set for inclusion, according to a recent Amazon product listing.

"Treyarch have given their zombie team free reign to do pretty much whatever they want with the mode regardless of the direction the campaign is headed in," we wrote in our first Black Ops 2 preview.

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We've also got this bonus trailer for you detailing more from the game.

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