Hitman Absolution: The 'Choose your own adventure' preview

Fans of Fighting Fantasy will be right at home...

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It's busy today. There must be 500 people in all, bumping shoulders and jostling past one another with thousand yard stares. Even so you see the King almost immediately. He's parading around in the centre of the pagoda in a blue suit halfway between turquoise and eggshell, acting like he owns the place. Which he does.

You also spot the dirty cops Birdie warned you about: the King's yelling at one for sitting down. Two more are standing to attention, one guarding each of the pagoda's entrances, and you see another couple patrolling the surrounding area.

You remind yourself of the area's layout and clock exits to the north, east, south and south-west, all of them with points of interest to find, you're sure. Of course, your target is right in front of you. What do you do?

To head north - Go to 05
To head east - Go to 58
To head south-west - Go to 50
To head south - Go to 26
To watch the King - Go to 20

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