As PES returns to form, EA says it welcomes new competition

Peter Moore says the consumer wins in the end

The second-in-command at Electronic Arts has said "we always welcome competition from our good friends at Konami", after review scores for the new PES game suggest it is again contending for FIFA's crown.

FIFA 13 is set for release September 28th in the UK

The publisher's COO Peter Moore told CVG in a phone interview on Wednesday that EA "always welcome competition, it keeps us all on our toes".

"Pro Evo has been a favourite game for a number of years but I think people recognise FIFA has been a powerful force and we've raised the quality of what soccer games are in the entertainment business," he said.

Moore added that the competition between both games ultimately results in better quality for the consumer.

Review scores for FIFA 13 have yet to arrive but CVG's review team have indicated the game is showing promise. A full verdict will be released on CVG at 6pm UK time.

PES 2013 was praised by CVG's review team as "the finest PES of this generation".

Both games will be released within a week of each other. The PES 2013 release date is set for September 21st, with the FIFA 13 release date marked for September 28th in the UK.