Honours even between PES and FIFA 13 reviews

Electronic Arts and Konami closer than ever in terms of quality, reviews suggest

A new surge of support for Konami's Pro Evo has brought the series closer to the standard of FIFA than ever before in the current generation, according to CVG's review team.


CVG has awarded both games a 9.1 in its reviews, marking the first time in five years that the PES series has accumulated a similar level of critical acclaim as FIFA.

On Metacritic, however, FIFA 13 has pulled ahead, with an average score of 90 compared to the 82 awarded to PES 2013.

Both games will be released within seven days of each other.

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The second-in-command at Electronic Arts has told CVG that "we always welcome competition from our good friends at Konami".

EA's chief operating officer Peter Moore said in a phone interview on Wednesday that EA "always welcome competition, it keeps us all on our toes".

"Pro Evo has been a favourite game for a number of years but I think people recognise FIFA has been a powerful force and we've raised the quality of what soccer games are in the entertainment business," he said.

Moore added that the competition between both games ultimately results in better quality for the consumer.

The PES 2013 release date is set for September 21st, with the FIFA 13 release date marked for September 28th in the UK.