Sony promises 'incredible PS3 lineup over next 2-3 years'

SCEA's John Koller assures of strong future for its home console

Calls for next-gen hardware are getting louder, but Sony assures PS3 owners that their old faithful has plenty more life left in it.


SCEA marketing VP John Koller says PS3 has at least two or three more years of strong releases ahead of it.

"A lot of great content is coming," he told Gamespot. "And over the next 2-3 years, the PS3 has got an incredible lineup."

He went on, "We're going to continue supporting the PS3 for the next few years. Absolutely. And we're going to continue supporting it not only that long, but as long as there is a development spigot that's running hot.

"And I can tell you right now, the development spigot for PS3 is very hot. A lot of great games coming. Same thing with PS2... it's kind of stuck around as that old warrior, many years after its launch. But there's still games launching for it."

Team ICO fans will perhaps be concerned that Koller left 'The Last Guardian' out of his list of PS3 upcoming blockbusters, which included The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls.

He promised that there's "a lot of third-party content coming, and a lot of first-party content that hasn't come out publicly".

So, who needs PS4 anyway...?