Black Ops 2 to feature texture pack installation option on PS3

But 'it won't provide any significant performance boosts'

Treyarch is including the option to install textures onto the PS3 hard drive in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.


According to game design director David Vonderhaar, installing the files onto the system won't necessarily provide any performance enhancements, instead the functionality is intended to place less of a burden on the Blu-Ray drive.

"Black Ops 2 has an option to "Install Textures to HDD," Vonderhaar confirmed on the official Black Ops community forum.

"When we explained to PS3 folks that installing to the HDD wouldn't necessarily give us any significant performance gains, they explained back that the issue is they play so much it puts constant stress on the Blu-ray drive and wears them out. Roger that."

Vonderhaar described the hard drive space taken up by texture installation as "a non-trivial amount", but didn't provide specific numbers because "anything can, and does change during development."

He continued on to say installing isn't necessary to enjoy the game as the game pre-caches, in a similar fashion to the first Black Ops.

Earlier this month Treyarch released a Black Ops 2 Zombies trailer featuring in-game footage.