Hitman Sniper Challenge: Weekly winners revealed

Have you won Agent 47's weekly prize?

Square Enix's Hitman Sniper Challenge has been turning up the heat in September and here's your winners from last week's shooting gallery.

Heading up the leader boards from last week were EllegableFish on Xbox 360 who shot to glory with a score of 2856661, followed by stinoss on PS3 who racked up an impressive 5127106.

In the PC firing line shootable who was second to previous winner Triplelexx with a score of 2,315,329.

Many congrats to those Hitman Challenge marksmen who'll shortly be enjoying the rather attractive Agent 47 figurines pictured on this here page. They'll be winging their way to you as we speak and our snipers from last week are laying down quite a marker for this month's major prize.


Speaking of which, don't forget there's still time to get in contention for September's Sniper Challenge with the major monthly prize of an iPad, Sennheisser headphones and a whole bunch of exclusive goodies still up for grabs. Full details through that link above and below.

Don't forget, if you want some expert tips on how to complete the challenge like a true Hitman, then go check out our CVG YouTube channel where our fiendish video team has put together a guide to assist you in the art of assassination. Just search 'Hitman' for all their latest vids.

That's it and good luck for this week's round of shooting in the Sniper Challenge.

How do I get involved?

All you need to do is pre-order Hitman Absolution (you can do this here) where you'll receive a code.

You must then visit Hitman where you can enter that code in order to receive the redeem code to download Hitman Sniper Challenge from Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network.

PC owners will be able to download Hitman Sniper Challenge from August 1, so our league table for PC opens next month - you'll just have to have the patience of Agent 47 and wait for your moment!

Once you've signed up... get sniping! Simple as that. Keep checking CVG to find out who wins at the end of July, as well as the winner of our weekly challenge. Best of luck.

But remember... For your score to count, you MUST register your Gamertag/PSN ID at and you MUST "link your account" at in order to be eligible!

We cannot emphasise that enough. If you don't register and link your account, you have zero chance of winning and then you'll be sad.