Western gamers can now experience Wizardry Online

You can now play the hardest MMO ever!

Wizardry Online is 30 years in the making, and is now open to Western gamers who want to participate in the Beta. The question is: are you ready for the challenge?


Wizardry Online is a free-to-play hardcore fantasy MMORPG that claims "insane difficulty...unrelenting mobs and traps around every turn," and most ambitiously states "even the best RPG players will find this to be the ultimate challenge."

If you still think you're a match for Wizardry Online, it's most daunting feature, 'permadeath' should have you at least quaking slightly.

You do have one chance to avoid permadeath though. When dead, you become a spirit and have the opportunity to find a statue that will resurrect your character. If you fail to do so in the time limit - which becomes harder as your level increases - you will have fallen victim to permadeath. You can purchase items to prevent permadeath, but you will be using real money to purchase these.

You can apply for access to the Beta on the Wizardry Online website, if you dare.The Beta gives you access to the Human, Elf, Gnome, Pokuru and Dwarf races, and you can choose from the classes Fighter, Priest, Mage and Thief. Some races and classes may not be available in the English version.

[ SOURCE: That Videogame Blog ]