12 Borderlands 2 Easter Eggs you might have missed

Donkey Mong, ninja turtles and Minecraft...

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4. Michael Mamaril

You may have heard of Michael Mamaril. He was a Borderlands fan who tragically passed away from cancer aged 22. Not content with the eulogy they recorded for him last November, Gearbox has immortalised him as a character in Borderlands 2. He can be found at random locations in Sanctuary, giving away free guns and an Achievement/Trophy.


5. The safest way into the Buzzard camp

In The Dust, you can access the Buzzard camp by driving up the massive rocky outcrop nearby and dropping in from above like the Mars Curiosity Rover. Don't use your boost though, or you'll end up overshooting and landing in an area swarming with enemies.


6. Hyperion's Energising Bane: Borderlands 2's greatest howler?

To get the Energising Bane, all you have to do is complete the "Bane" quest-line in Lynchwood. The gun itself is an SMG with impressive stats, but with great power comes great trollability. See for yourself, and remember that it ignores your SFX volume settings. Your enemies won't be the only ones in pain.

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