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Resident Evil 6 review: The series buries its survival horror roots forever

No scares, no surprises, lots and lots of shooting...

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There are too few of these, and too much kowtowing to the Call of Duty template of regular cinematic action sequences - there's even an AC-130 style section. In a game with a first-person perspective this is much easier, because all you have to control is what the player sees. But in third-person, the avatar mucks everything up and you can see it in the way these sequences are edited, with camera changes frequently jarring against the controls and poorly-cued QTE insertions.

Resident Evil 6 delivers plenty of bang for your buck, but a lot of it feels stale...

Resident Evil used to be about exploration, scant resources, and terrifying encounters. Now it's about walking a path that only goes one way and blasting everything you see with inexhaustible weapons. Resident Evil 6 is one hell of a long ride, and there are some amazing stunts along the way. Even a few original ones. But next to the shooters that it tries so assiduously to out-do, the game feels stale, and compounds things with OTT action sequences that are more B-movie than Bourne.

Resi 6 delivers plenty of bang for your buck, and co-op makes everything better. But is it worth a more discerning dollar? Let's put it this way: we wouldn't buy it full price.


There's more co-op options than you can shake a rotten limb at - and you can play as a monster.


Anyone with a like-minded friend should consider Resident Evil 6 - it's probably the longest co-op campaign out there. Joining each other's session is simple, and it can also handle drop-in play.

The nature of the beast is that ordinary combat is invigorated by another player, and all of Resi 6's campaigns bar Ada can be played in co-op. At some points, four players can temporarily crossover to fight a boss together, though these encounters are poorly-executed. There's a splitscreen option, which isn't as standard a feature as you'd like these days.

FInd further online jollies in Mercenaries mode, which can be played with a partner - again a fuss-free setup. Mercs is what we know and love, possibly the best bonus mode in gaming: score-attack with ever-deadlier waves of enemies, and a combo ticker for kills in a row. Enlivened further by Mercs-specific skill sets.

New-mode, Agent Hunt, lets you enter other player's games as a monster. Compared to the heroes, you're woefully underpowered, so sneak up behind them and wind up a haymaker. It's a clever (if limited) addition, and tops off a comprehensive, polished online experience.

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The verdict

Can't be faulted for content, and better with a friend, but feels like diminishing returns - what's left is a good shooter that's long abandoned survival horror.

  • Over 20 hours of game
  • Agent Hunt and (especially) Mercenaries modes extend lifespan even further
  • Looks beautiful throughout
  • Plenty of bang for your buck
  • Samey shooting starts to grind
  • Zero scares
  • QTE sections wrestle control from you, vehicles drive like boxes on wheels
Xbox 360
Action, Survival Horror