ONM reviews FIFA 13 Wii, 3DS

Wii version is "exactly the same game as FIFA 12," claims mag

In our FIFA 13 review we said EA's latest "is still, just about, the best" football game on the market. Our reviewer praised "subtle, effective changes to the blueprint", called the new modes "a real success" and said it's "superb in multiplayer."


While the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions of the game have been showered with praise, the Nintendo Wii counterpart hasn't fared as well with Official Nintendo Magazine.

The publication has delivered its FIFA 13 Wii review and given it a score of 30%, calling the Wii version "a shamefully cynical 'update' that brings absolutely nothing new to the table."

Nintendo gamers looking to satiate their desire for virtual footy are recommended the much cheaper FIFA 12 or FIFA 13 on the Nintendo 3DS, which ONM says "is the best football game" on the handheld.

Alternatively they can hold on for the Wii U version launching alongside the console in November.