WWE 13: New features, hugely improved tech - is the series back?

We head to Summerslam to see THQ's latest

This article originally appeared in GamesMaster.

WWE 13's big news is that it has buried the traditional Road to WrestleMania career faster than Triple H pedigreeing a mid-carder and replaced it with an Attitude Era-centric experience. Eight superstars (including Stone Cold, The Rock and Bret Hart) share the spotlight in a series of chronological episodes, with WWE-created promos painting the picture of the Monday Night Wars between WWE and then-rival WCW.


If you caught our reveal feature three issues back you'll know that already. What you don't know is that the very fabric of the career mode is unlike anything that you've played in the annual series thanks to a collection of optional, Legends of WrestleMania-esque, side-objectives.

The next match was the infamous Stone Cold vs Shawn Michaels encounter at Wrestlemania XIV...

When we dived into an early chapter in Stone Cold's storyline we had to face Road Dogg at Raw. A pin or submission was enough to progress the tale, but in order to bring our experience closer to that of the history books we were given a couple of bonus tasks to target: Stone Cold Stunner Billy Gunn (who was pacing around outside the ring), and win within two minutes. The next match was the infamous Austin vs Shawn Michaels encounter at WrestleMania XIV, with Mike Tyson as the special guest enforcer. Our goal? Win by pinfall or submission. Our additional goals? Complete the appropriate 'Attitude moment', hit the Stunner, and win by pinfall.

In case you don't consider reliving the matches in an authentic manner incentive enough to aim for all the goals, over 100 unlockable extras, including exclusive photos, attire and superstars, are there for the taking if you do. And that's just the beginning of the list of new content that WWE '13 brings to the ring...



Last year WWE '12 introduced us to Create-An-Arena: a chance to edit the squared circle and its surroundings. Though a great addition we complained there were no options to customise the entrance ways. Well, THQ clearly listened because that's precisely what WWE '13 rectifies.

You can start by picking a template from one of dozens of past arenas (we plumped for SmackDown circa '06, giant fist and mirrors and all) and then each and every component can be removed, replaced or recoloured. Different wall-types, Titantron screens, props and flooring are there for the adding, so creative types will be able to create everything from accurate replications of past events to wacky concoctions involving grass and psychedelic lighting rigs.

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