PS Plus subscriptions 'almost doubled' during E3 week - Sony

Sony accredits recent subs boom to 'Instant Game Collection' announcement

Sony's PlayStation Store and the PlayStation Plus premium service has had a good few months.


According to SCEA's senior director of PlayStation digital platforms Jack Buser, "membership sales in PS Plus almost doubled" during the week of E3 - which took place on June 5-7.

This, he suggests, was spawned on by the announcement of 'Instant Game Collection', which gives PS Plus subscribers access to around 12 big-name (and often full-retail) games for weeks at a time at no additional cost. Games such as LittleBigPlanet 2 and inFamous 2 have been offered as Instant Game Collection titles.

Momentum for the PS Store has apparently grown, logging its highest "transactional sales" quarter during the months of April to June, according to the Joystiq report.

Sony reported there being over 90 million PlayStation Network accounts worldwide back in March 2012, although this it didn't specify how many of those are actually active accounts (many PSN users have multiple accounts registered to different regions for overseas PS Store access).