'It's hard to judge the potential of the Wii U', says PlayStation exec

But Fergal Gara has "no doubt people will be interested" in Nintendo's new console

The managing director of PlayStation UK has said that while he has "no doubt that people will be interested in Wii U", he feels Nintendo's pitch for its next console lacks a clear focus.


Speaking in an interview with CVG Fergal Gara said the PS3 - which is positioning itself to pick up a bigger casual market share this holiday season is not going to be in direct competition with Wii U.

"I don't think it'll be the same market," he said

Gara went on to say he feels confident the Wii U would generate interest at launch but said its software line-up makes it hard to identify a medium-term strategy.

"I think it's going to be interesting to see what market will pick it up. I have no doubt that people will be interested in the Wii U at launch. What the medium-term looks like, I don't think we know enough about what consumers will think.

"If you look at the spread of the software, I think it gives a very broad message, from Nintendo's own products to core current-gen games. But will Call of Duty fans want to play Call of Duty on the Wii U? I've no idea. It feels like a stretch from the market they've been in. So clearly Nintendo is going for a broad proposition."

With no obvious killer app and Nintendo casting a wide net, Gara admitted Sony was having a hard time nailing down Nintendo's strategy. As always, it is looking to consumers as its barometer.

"I've yet to meet someone who has picked out the killer experience. But it's the market that will decide so we'll watch it with interest.

"Even we find it hard to judge the potential of the Wii U. Clearly people like getting their hands on it, but I just don't have much info on how many people want to buy it in the medium-term."