Dishonored guide: 12 Essential Tips To Conquer Dunwall

UPDATED: A handy all-in-one checklist for those with Possessive Compulsive Disorder

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5. Possession is nine-tenths of the law (Part 1)


Possession is one of the most versatile powers in the game - although at first, it seems rather limited.

At its base level, Possession allows you to possess (duh) small animals, such as rats, fish and attack dogs. As a rat, you can slip past enemy guards unnoticed and even crawl through gutters to areas that Corvo otherwise wouldn't be able to access.

Being a fish obviously opens up new watery avenues that landlubbers wouldn't be able to reach. It's a good idea to assume a fishy identity whenever you find yourself in the wet stuff, as murderous masked men are surprising conspicuous when they're paddling in the middle of a river.

Small animals can't survive the possession process, so there's no cleaning up to do afterwards.

6.Possession is nine-tenths of the law (Part 2)


Level Possession to full capacity and you'll be able to temporarily assume control of any human in the game - this includes guards, Tallboys and even your target him/herself.

When in another person's skin, your movement is limited to a slow walk, but you can still interact with objects, meaning you can deactivate alarms and remove Wall of Light power sources without anyone being any the wiser.

If you have plenty of mana in reserve, you can chain together possessions, allowing you to cover great distances unmolested. It's important to time your exit when you're out of the line of sight of other guards or NPCs however, as they'll naturally find the sight of your soul bursting from another person's body to be disconcerting.

If you're in the body of someone who you'd rather wasn't alive much longer, you can dispose of them in several creative ways, such as steering them into a Wall of Light or by dropping them from a great height.

As a final good deed, their broken body will break your fall, allowing you to continue on your sneaking rampage uninjured.

7.Devouring Swarm


The Devouring Swarm conjures a pack of carnivorous rats, who immediately begin nibbling on the ankles of anyone who happens to be lurking nearby. This is a deceptively useful power - as long as you use it properly, that is.

As an offensive force it's not all that - it only takes a couple of guards to overpower a swarm - but as a distraction technique, it's unparallelled.

Direct a swarm in the opposite direction from where you want to go, and you'll be able to slip by unseen while the world burns around you.

8.Any Means (un)necessary


As we alluded to in our review, it's possible to sneak your way through Dunwall without killing a single soul - including your assassination targets themselves.

This means that there is a non-lethal way to neutralise your main target(s) on each level - but they're well hidden.

It would be crude of us to spoil them all for you here, but here's our number one tip: hunt out all the NPCs you can find, and listen to what they have to say. Some will approach you directly with a solution (Lady Boyle's Last Party), others will attempt to strike up a bargain with you hunt them out (The Golden Cat).

Other times, you'll have to eavesdrop on conversations to uncover the non-murderous solutions. In Chief Overseer Campbell's dungeon, for example, it appears that the branding iron is more than a mere torture device - its mark has a symbolic meaning...

9.Whalebone Charms


These are Dishonored's equivalent to Call of Duty's perks. You begin with three slots, but more can be purchased from Piero at the Hound Pits Pub.

They need to be hunted out with the Heart in the same manner you do Runes, but they're worth the legwork as they provide permanent stat upgrades. Unfortunately, bone charms are randomised within each game world, so you'll have to hunt out the best ones yourself.

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