Best iPad games: The Room

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Best iPad games: The Room

The Room is like stumbling across Professor Layton's inner sanctum after he's gone mad dabbling in the occult. Its spooky, densely packed logic puzzles play out on a series of elaborate treasure chests.

Levers must be tugged and dials twisted to slowly reveal what secrets these complex constructs are hiding. Spotting anomalies in surfaces and deviations from patterns often reveals secret compartments which contain the next key or trinket, to be used on the next puzzle.

Fireproof Games' compact, intricate world has a fierce internal logic and thick Lovecraftian atmosphere. A series of letters left in and around the cabinets tells the tale of a scientist driven mad by experimenting with dangerous paranormal forces, successfully threading a narrative through the game. The incidental sound effects are rich and the game's cold metals, dark polished surfaces and clockwork are phenomenally detailed. Fireproof Games acknowledges that most of your time with The Room will be spent swiping the screen to look around and about its creations, and has made it a joy to do so. It is only playable on iPad 2 or above, such is The Room's fidelity.

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Your powers of observation and lateral thinking are tested, but never overwhelmed. There is a hint system which gently directs your attention to the right spot, or offers a subtle suggestion of how to use the objects at your disposal. It's the sort of game which makes you want to take notes, though mostly, you won't need to. It was only the final few puzzles which presented truly prolonged periods of deep thought - it is taxing without being obscure or devious.

All of The Room's secrets can be discovered over the course of one or two particularly intense nights of puzzling, or will last several days taken in smaller doses. A fascinating, brilliantly constructed curio which is engaging, thoughtful and wonderfully presented.

The Room is £2.99 on the App Store. Download it here.