New OnLive CEO reveals 12-month recovery plan

Cloud gaming company will embrace platform-agnostic philosophy

The newly appointed chief executive of cloud gaming firm OnLive has for the first time discussed his ambitions to revive the company as it recovers from its darkest hour.


Charles Jablonski said the firm is undergoing a "transition of size, scope and management".

"I'd never minimise both the emotions and the pain when you go through a transition like that," he said in the latest issue of MCV.

"But our people are now focusing, they are committed to doing what we do best."

In August, OnLive was engulfed by international media speculation regarding the company's ability to continue as a going concern. Rumours of closure cycled until it was revealed that OnLive had initiated bankruptcy alternative measures which effectively closed the former company and established a new one under the same name.

Debts were written off and CEO Steve Perlman resigned.

Now OnLive UK director Bruce Grove says the firm has a clear strategy for the next year, and one ambition is to foster more business partnerships.

"This time next year, you'll have seen some shifts, some transition as the business develops," he said.

"We have a road map for how soon we start with certain things, what the focus is, what we're going to be doing, what the next twelve months will be. And that's a big shift for the company: Having a 12-month plan. That's something that's going to show how we'll build this into a long-term sustainable business."

The nature of Grove's comments suggest the cloud gaming firm will become more platform-agnostic. OnLive is available on TV through a micro-console as well as PC, but further devices are expected to be factored in.

In the US, the company has launched OnLive on Co-Star, a new set-top box from TV manufacturer Vizio. This is seen as a foretoken to the non-core devices that the company will now seek to support.

Said Grove: "In the past we've been very focused on OnLive being the driving force of wherever we've gone. Now, it's much more about engagement with our partners. That's going to be the way we reach the new customer market."

This appears to be a strategy that simulates former cloud gaming rival Gaikai, which provided a similar service but acted as a 'middle-man' between a game's code and any screen. OnLive instead sought to rival the platform holders.