GTA 5: Why we think there'll be multiple playable characters

Plus: every other fact, secret and red hot rumour

This article originally appeared in PSM3 magazine.

Multiple playable characters were rumoured by gaming site Kotaku in October 2011 - before GTA V's debut trailer on 2 November 2011 - claiming to have heard it from several sources. They also tipped an LA setting, which turned out to be true. We speculated the same in our predictions piece during September 2011.


The evidence doesn't disprove such a theory, with certain characters appearing multiple times across the official screenshots and trailer. The key figure is Ned Luke, the middle-aged man who (almost certainly) narrates the trailer. However, there's at least two other prominent figures, who might all be linked by the jewel heist seen in the trailer.

It could be a trigger scene, shared by all the key characters, before the game splits to tell the story from different perspectives.

The leaked 'Rush' casting call features a character called Miguel Gonzalez, a 25-year-old, young Mexican American FBI agent, caught between a few mob bosses, who's 'very clean cut'. He'd be an ideal foil to Ned Luke's (presumed) semi-reformed gangster, allowing us to see the law from both sides. There's a Hispanic character of a similar age who appears in a number of screens.

There's also an African American character who appears several times, implying at least three key protagonists - and they're all part of the jewel heist. Don't believe us? Look below...



  • Likely name: Unknown
  • Number of appearances: 2
  • Likely role: The 'normal' guy character, who reacts to the surreal world and events in much the same way as we might.


  • Likely name: Miguel Gonzalez
  • Number of appearances: 3
  • Likely role: An FBI agent trapped between mob bosses, allowing us to see the central story from multiple viewpoints.


  • Likely name: Ned Luke
  • Number of appearances: 5
  • Likely role: A dad, and reformed gangster (we think), allowing Rockstar to invert the 'rags to riches' GTA narrative, plus reflect the game's more mature audience.

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