Pullblox sequel 'Fallblox' out in November

3D gameplay and gravity added to block-shoving puzzler

Nintendo revealed today a sequel to popular eShop game Pullblox (aka Pushmo in US), titled 'Fallblox'.


The new game tasks you to push and pull blocks, which now react to gravity and fall into place when lower blocks are pulled from beneath them. This, according to NOE president Satoru Shibata, adds scope for new gameplay and strategy.

You will also be able to shift the camera around to view the puzzle from different angles, adding more of a 3D dynamic to the game. And you'll collect birds instead of children, if that previously bothered you.

It'll pack 140 new level, along with 90 training puzzles, and as before you'll be able create your own levels and pass them on via QR codes.

It'll be out in November.