Zynga loses Words with Friends creators

Paul and David Bettner quit social games firm

Zynga has lost two more key figures today as the creators of the 'Zynga With Friends' range of games, including the insanely popular Words With Friends, confirm their departure.


Brothers Paul and David Bettner have told GamesBeat that they will leave Zynga, but held off revealing their plans for the future.

"We are still very excited about the future and feel like we are at the beginning," they said.

Their departure comes less than two years after Zynga's December 2010 acquisition of their Texas-based development studio, Newtoy, which at the time was enjoying storming success with Words With Friends.

Zynga paid $53.3 million for the acquisition, making the Bettner brothers the heads at the Zynga With Friends studio, which has since produced Hanging With Friends, Scramble With Friends and Matching With Friends.

This adds to the alarming string of significant resignations at Zynga in recent months, including chief marketing and revenue officer Jeff Karp and infrastructure CTO Allan Leinwand, second-in-command John Schappert, chief creative officer Mike Verdu, vice presidents Bill Mooney and Brian Birtwistle, and several others.