Planet in Distress is a fiendish new 2D platformer for PSN

Gravity-defying quest is debut title from dev Might and Delight

Here's your first look at a new adventure platform game coming to PlayStation Network "soon".


It's called Planet in Distress, and is developer Might and Delight's first game after nearly two years of development.

While studio co-founder Jakob Tuchten revealed surprisingly little in his lengthy announcement, the debut trailer below reveals the main protagonist, a little boy, and his key skill - the ability to float through the air via self-deployed beams of light.

Both Tuchten and the trailer also reveal that the game will have a normal and a hard mode, the latter of which removes emphasis from things like story or pleasing aesthetics, and focuses squarely on kicking your arse.

Planet in Distress will release on PSN "soon".

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