WWE 13: Five great Attitude Era moments recreated in WWE '13

THQ gives sports-entertainment an Attitude Adjustment

The Attitude Era of the late 1990s was one of the most exciting and controversial periods in WWF/E history.

It emerged during the height of the 'Monday Night Wars' with the now-defunct rival promotion WCW, and was a direct rebellion against the family-friendly, buffoonish Hulkamania era that powered the WWE through the eighties and early nineties.


Almost overnight the WWE became a hotbed of swears, blood, crotch-chops and edgy humour. The new direction propelled the ailing promotion to new heights, and made household names out of stars such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and The Undertaker.

Nowadays the WWE is once again a different beast; a safer, family-friendly affair aimed at a younger audience. But older fans still look back wistfully at the 'good old days'; a wilder time when the WWE superstars would routinely drive a cement mixer into the arena, or brawl on the banks of the Mississippi River.

The unpredictability and OTT excessiveness made Monday Night Raw can't-miss television during the Attitude Era, and the upcoming WWE '13 video game hopes to introduce that passion and excitement to a new generation by giving us the chance to recreate some of the period's most famous bouts.

Over the next few pages, we revisit some of the iconic moments that are either confirmed to appear in WWE '13, or have been hinted in trailers with all with the subtly of one of the Godfather's entrances...

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