Halo 4 video offers a tour of Forge mode

Developers talk through the new custom map making tools

Forge Mode has been given a huge overhaul in Halo 4 and below is a video featuring 343 Industries' Kynan Pearson and Certain Affinity's Lori Zawada to talk you through it.


The 10 minute video, courtesy of Gamespot, offers a look at the three Forge maps available, along with all the mod tools and the extensive options available to keen map makers.

This comes days after Microsoft sent over a new Halo 4 video showcasing the return of Halo 3's brilliant Valhalla multiplayer map, which is now dubbed 'Ragnarok'.

The Halo 4 release date of November 6 should be tattooed on your forehead. Less than a month to wait!

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