Blog: These movie posters for games will win you over

As always when these kinds of community-made designs emerge, one gets an acute sense of frustration that genuine game box art isn't up to the same standard.

This time we have famous movie posters that pull out the Hollywood icons and splice in familiar game characters. Actually, there's a bit of a mixture here - some posters are clearly parodies, others appear to be inspirations, others are originals.

Here's a selection below, taken from this Russian website. The author of these works wasn't named unfortunately, but we're trying to find out who it was.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Complete with pictures of Mario and Luigi's harrowing final stand



Amazingly, one of these Angry Birds actually looks like he's about to say "like, funny how?"


Red Dead Redemption

This poster has an "Assassination of Jesse James" vibe to it, but the only thing we can be certain of is that it's brilliant.


Splinter Cell

These bare-bones teaser posters are becoming more prevalent, we'd say. The back-to-the-screen dark silhouette works perfectly for a game like Splinter Cell.



We're pretty certain that this isn't based on any movie at all, but the composition (from the eyes of the dragon) and the strap line make it a fantastic concept.


The full collection can be found here.